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We're a small IT company based out of Omaha, Nebraska; committed to bringing back the internet's original vision of decentralization and individual control.



of the web runs on:



& Azure.

The current state of the internet sucks — we're looking at a digital landscape that's increasingly dominated by only a few massive corporations.

This centralized control is going against the very principles the internet was built on, and the internet deserves better.

But that's not all, most alternative small providers are subpar at best. Most simply resell other people's hosting, offering the same generic, copy-paste hosting services. They end up being a part of the problem, not the solution.

We've been where you are, that's why we're not trying to be like that. We own our servers, manage them ourselves, and work closely with a local, Tier III Certified Data Center here in Omaha, Nebraska.

There's no VC funding or some big corporate parent company lurking behind the scenes, or anything like that here. We're wired to redefine what it really means to be an independent IT company — one that believes in the original vision of the internet.

That's why we started nulled.


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Server Colocation.

Server Colocation that's accessible and affordable.

Colocating with us gives you access to a secure Tier III Certified Data Center located right in Omaha. Includes 2 IPv4 addresses (IPv6 coming soon), 300 watts of power, optional dedicated internet, and unmetered bandwidth.

Server Colocation starts at just $99/mo for 1U of rack space.

Learn more about Server Colocation.


Kūhaku VPS.

by nulled.

Kūhaku VPS is your blank space.

Our LXC and KVM-based virtual servers support a wide variety of Linux and *BSD operating systems, offer customizable storage and memory configurations, optional dedicated internet, and unmetered bandwidth.

Plans start at just $11/month for LXC-based virtual servers.

Learn more about Kūhaku VPS.